Real feelings of staying in a hotel during a coronavirus pan…

Las Vegas-During the reopening of the Las Vegas Strip last week, when I entered the room of the New York Hotel Casino in New York, the voicemail indicator flashed.

She said that I noticed that my room and bed linen had been thoroughly cleaned, and pointed out the room cleaning seal. When I swiped the card into the room with a magnetic card, the seal was damaged.

The message concluded: “If you want us to clean the room again during your stay, please contact the room cleaning. If you need any other conveniences, such as clean towels, slippers or robes, room cleaning can also be provided.”

That’s right: daily room cleaning (as the main content of hotel accommodation) can now be completed upon request.

This is one of many changes caused by the coronavirus crisis. Hotels, travel companies like airlines, have tried to keep employees safe and attract returning customers, and travel restrictions have been relaxed to establish a new health and safety agreement.

The American Hotel and Lodging Association issued a “safe stay” guide in May. Each hotel chain is gradually developing its own plan. The MGM Resorts, which operates New York-New York and 12 other Las Vegas hotels, has developed seven A step-by-step security plan, and a sticker on each room door contains a link to the plan.

In order to first-hand understand the feeling of staying in a hotel during a pandemic, I stayed in three different hotels during the three nights of reporting on the reopening of Las Vegas. In addition to New York-New York, I also visited Caesars Palace, which is part of casino gaming giant Caesars Entertainment and The D, an independent hotel on Fremont Avenue in downtown Las Vegas. All itineraries are paid by “USA Today” and the cost of accommodation is anonymous.

Of course, hotel policies across the country will be different, and the precautions found in large resorts in Las Vegas may be different from cheap motels, luxury hotels or conference hotels across the country, some of which are changed by State decisions and local regulations. Even in Las Vegas, there are differences: The Venetian still provides room cleaning services in every room every day.

However, the theme will be similar.

The biggest surprise to me: At least after entering the room in Las Vegas, it does not seem to be much different from the accommodation before the coronavirus infection. There are ice buckets, drinking glasses or cups, the same old mini shampoo bottles, prehistoric phones and alarm clocks.

In addition to the convenience kit, the only difference I found in New York-New York is the black and gold cardboard cover on the remote control, which has long been considered one of the most harmful items in the room.

It said: “To ensure safety, it has been cleaned.”

During the coronavirus pandemic stayed in the hotel’s six different
halls: Before receiving the room key, a temperature check must be performed. At The D Hotel in Las Vegas, I passed the metal detector and temperature scanner at the hotel entrance. I swiped my wrist and the registration number was 98.7°F. I was on my way to the front desk. In New York-New York, EMT scanned my forehead with a non-contact thermometer at the entrance of the check-in line. At Caesars Palace, guests using the front desk are required to pass a thermal scanner, while the temperature of guests checking in at the self-service kiosk is obtained from a non-contact thermometer.

I have never recorded a temperature above 98.7°F. If there is, if I have a chance to calm down, I will take the test again. If I still have a fever, I will perform the COVIThe D-19 test in Caesars and New York-New York and will be evaluated by medical experts at The D, all of which will determine whether I can stay, The hotel representative said.

The hotel is promoting portable check-in and self-service check-in kiosks, but the traditional front desk is still there, and I used them in two of the three restaurants. In New York-New York, there are acrylic dividers, as you can see in the grocery store, that separate me from the front desk attendant.

The hall and the floor leading to the room, easels and video screens are full of social alienation signs.

New York-New York has a sign at the elevator entrance that says that if you travel with hotel guests outside the group, you must wear a mask. It says that if you don’t wear it, wait for a private elevator. However, during my visit, no one implemented the policy. Caesar has signs that each elevator can accommodate up to four people, although no one is counting. At The D, a representative wanted to see my room key, and then dialed the number for me at the elevator bank.

New York-New York and Caesars have good room cleaning certification seals with a sticker on the door indicating that the room is clean. Caesars’ red sticker said, “Clean and seal it to protect you.” My sticker on the 68th floor of the Forum Tower was not attached securely enough, or was torn off by mischief because I found it on the carpet on the front door.
Toiletry kit or free mask and gloves: I was waiting for a small red bag on the table in the New York-New York room. Inside: Two vinca cloth masks, the name of which is embroidered on the lower right corner; 2 ounce container with Locke the D hand sanitizer, a pen that can also be used as a stylus, and can be used on the touch screen; there is also a A silver tool to open the door with a stylus for pressing buttons. The tool looks like a cross between a bottle opener and a key chain.

The D is distributing white masks with logos. Caesar’s employees distribute universal masks at their entrances. In most places where I have stayed, guests do not have to wear them, and when I was there, many people did not wear them. A Caesars security guard estimated that 80% of the people were not wearing them during the opening weekend.

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Daily housekeeping service on request: Like New York-New York, Caesars and The D have also noticed notices regarding changes in housekeeping policies. During the fast boarding at the kiosk in Caesars, this message pops up: “In keeping with the Social Evacuation Guidelines of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, rooms that are staying longer than one night will not be provided with room cleaning services. Trash and towels will be removed. Cleaning is only available on request.”

The key holders in Room D will have a note and can ask the hotel to provide other bed linen and towels for delivery to their room.

New York-Bill Hornbuckle, acting chief executive of MGM Resorts, the parent company of New York, discussed the chain’s store in a conference call with Wall Street analysts in late April The reopening plan hinted at changes in room management.

He said: “If I were a Bellagio guest, I would like to know the rusticity of the room when I entered. During my stay, unless I want and need clean towels, I may not let the room attendant or other service staff Enter my room.”

Bell service: I checked my luggage outside Caesars Palace in case my room was not ready. (It is indeed.) The bellman felt so rusty from the hotel’s 2½ month closure that he forgot to give me my ticket and found me in the lobby. When I called my luggage, the desk told me to stay in the room and explained that the staff knocked on the door and left the guest’s luggage outside for them to retrieve. My luggage was brought in, and the bellman wearing gloves and masks left them in my door because I opened the door and greeted him.

Parking: No one wants to drive into your car during a pandemic and vice versa, so every hotel I have stayed stopped valet parking. (It is still available in some places, including The Venetian.) Self-parking is the only option in Las Vegas and most parts of the country (at least for now), and unlike previous coronaviruses, it is in Las Vegas It’s free.

Room service: Caesars does not provide room service, while The D does not provide room service, but New York-New York resumed room service on the opening weekend. There is a QR code to call up the menu on the phone, but it is very expensive.


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