Places to stay in Hong Kong

You will find a large number of hotels in Hong Kong and because of so many to select from, it may be very hard to determine best places to stay. This is also true if it is the first time visiting this incredibly busy and densely populated place. One consider a map full of hotels to select from and ‘must see’ landmarks may have your mind spinning. After working a couple of days within this incredible place and remaining inside a couple of different areas, I acquired a great sense of it and wanted to express my insight on the best place to remain in Hong Kong.

Getting Oriented

Hong Kong includes a couple of primary areas Hong Kong Island, the Kowloon Peninsula, the brand new Territories and also over 200 offshore islands, the biggest being Lantau Island. With regards to as being a tourist who would like to spend some time going through the primary attractions of Hong Kong, you should think about remaining either on Hong Kong Island or even the Kowloon Peninsula.hong kong hotel in kowloon

To obtain your mind around things, here’s a roadmap of Hong Kong using the headings from the primary areas you should think about remaining.

Of all of the places we remained, Causeway Bay was the best and also the place I’d most recommend people stay. It’s a built-up section of Hong Kong that also covers areas of Wan Chai, hence grouping them together within this guide. Causeway Bay borders the Eastern District from the Kowloon Peninsula and it has a classical feel into it when compared with other parts of Hong Kong. The region is among Hong Kong’s major shopping districts with lots of local boutiques and known name-brand stores from around the globe. We loved remaining here since it was simple to circumvent, there have been lots of eateries and shop also it were built with a really relaxed vibe from the primary attractions of Hong Kong. We spent 2 days exploring Mong Kok and Tsim Sha Tsui and located simple to use to trap the MRT, Tram and Star Ferry to obtain around. After 2 days during these areas, we didn’t feel a will need to go back there.


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Super satisfied backpack after going out camera

This is what i was usingThen you just can’t see how big it isHello everyone, welcome to this timeBear paws open the boxI told you beforeIs this one bagI had it out of the box a long time agoThen I will put that video in the cardI have used this bag for over a year nowit.What bothers me at the moment isAlthough it is smallThen I bring everything I bring inBut if I take a little more stuff out today,It wo n』t fitSo I’m pretty shamelessJust talk to them (manufacturers)I want a bigger bag, can you give it to meIt cameSuch a big backpackI speak very frankly, everyone knowsAnyway, I thank first, because I do n』t read it yetThis is called “ELECOM””ELECOM thank you for giving me this bag”Oh, everyone, I want to take a lookThere are really two insideThey really have attached a manual to meSorry, I printed one moreThanks for your intimategood or notSuper big okwhat about thisThis is what i was usingThen you just can’t see how big it isI now . “1.5 times as big”I’m a bit wrong now, why is it so big?

Then the thickness of the sides is almost doubled.Oh my godCome, let ’s start to look insideWhat are the details?It’s written hereYou can just pull things out on the sideThis is a very important feature of the camera bag.Then the capacity space insideWe’ll just wait and put it inThen there is the strapIt carries a very special designWhat about our backpacks?

Is directly strapped to itThen carry it all up like thisIt strap hereYour shoulder is on this placeBut there is one more on itThat is, it is said that this can properly relieve the pressure on your shoulders.I’ll try again laterThis design is quite interesting”Simple lid”Is this a simple lid? “Yes, a simple lid.””It’s not mezzanine”Come, I think this is very important.

Not badThis is hard”Then there are so many custom grids””Detachable”Is it all sticky?Let me take a lookBecause I used a bag beforeIt seems “sticky” insideBut it is a fixed range, so it is not easy to useThis sideLook insideIt is full rangeYou can set it up and customize it yourselfI think that’s 10 points.”This is your bag?””Do you think you are in a team model?

“”All detachable and all sticky””Because some people have some bags””Its texture is only .”Correct”Some are pure plastic.”So this is great, it’s fully detachable and stickySo you can spend a lot of time customizing the one you want .”As long as your version you can think of it can be sticky”“ What about selective disorder?

”Selective barriers are not suitable for this packageWell, it ’s not suitable. “Okay, I get it.””It used to look like this, it could open from left to right.”And here it is .

“It still has this in it.”Small bag with side pocketsI tell you it’s even betterIt ’s not just hereThen there is also outside of it”You can put it, too””Something like a kettle or a tripod”Yes, so I think this design is really fierceThen he opened “And it is like this”It’s “a bit stretchable””So you can drop something slightly larger than the original setting.”Then come this one “There are bags on the left and right sides”There is space here after it opensLike I might give priorityI may put a pen on the upper levelBattery, some memory cards “memory card”And by the way look at the bottom of itIt’s sweetIt has this under itSo you can put on the floor, and this is the raincoatShould be raincoatYes raincoat !!

“Yes, raincoat””It raincoat is extra” removableI think this is very importantBecause you have no way of knowing when it will rain when you go out”and””There are actually two types of raincoats””One is directly connected””The connection is actually not good .” I don’t like itBut this one can go dry”Yes, this one can be hung independently.””If connected, it is more troublesome when cleaning”Talk about the back firstThe space for this laptop is really hugeIt seems to have a 15.7-inch laptop on itCan be put inHere, here is a 15.

7-inch . “15-inch MAC””Put it in, it’s more than enough””Even the power supply is okay” because my existing laptopIn my existing backpack isOne can’t fitOne is very stuck and tight”This one is more than enough”This is the last spaceThen come to see the second one”Directly above” right, the space above”This is usually used to throw away debris”If i go out to playWhat are you stuffing .May be stuck here”And even if you are today””Think of it as a pure hiking bag””You didn’t plug the camera equipment”This can be pulled apart, I think this is also . “Yes””It’s just a regular backpack.

” The space belowOh, it ’s really fierce”It can turn into a normal backpack.”Then again, it still has a small space attached to the front”After this is closed, there is still a space in frontThen there are also two mesh bagsat this placeThis is too exaggerated”Side”This “little space”What passport is it usually?Usually it ’s stuffed here first”Usually stuffed with passports””Personally close and then small”Some people say that the lens cover or somethingAlso put there”Lens cap can be plugged here”“ The lens cap can be tucked here ” There is also a zipper on the belt?”Zipper on the belt””It has so much space”That’s goodI remember one on the strapOh this is the placeThere is also a zipper space on the strap “Yes, it is a place where you can put small things”My coin purse may fit inside the strap .

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“This part of the belt is in contact with the back”You should be more experienced with thisIs this much worse? Feel”More than this is more comfortable to carry””Because you didn’t do this at all””The whole piece is affixed to the back, in fact, it ’s been a long time.””You will feel stuffy””It has no breathable effect”I personally feel that I look like this nowWhen I plugged my laptopIt won’t rest the entire laptop on my back”Just don’t put a hard thing on your back”And there is a little breathable effectHere is a small detail I want to add to everyoneIsn’t our last layer a laptop?But have you seen it make a round holeWhat about this round holeIt ’s designed to say that after you pull up the two zippers,Then you can buySee if you want to use a lock or something, lock thisA very smart design”This design can be seen on many suitcases”Then Lester just talked about this himself”It’s not just here””Almost every place where this zipper is found””As long as it has a double zipper””There is no side, there is only a quick release on the side.

“”The top, compared to the place where there may be important items or sundries.”Then Lester is talking about this one zipperBetter than flat”I feel better than Bian.””Sometimes it feels like a special card is pulled up from some angles”But round ones are less likely”The round one is less of a problem.”It’s easy to get”Then I talked about this a little bit””There will be one here”At the front, “you can flip out the bag of the tripod when you are at the front.

“”Because like us, this side is the most””Just a water bottle, or a smaller tripod.””There might be some large tripods that will need this.””Then use this bag to fasten it”May have to step in the middleThen you can insert your feetPlus stability”At most, this kind of tripod that you usually hold in your hand”Then I just looked at its descriptionIt says this one isWater-resistant in principleThen the zipper is splash-proofBut in heavy rainYou can take out the raincoat hidden below”It usually looks like this””Zippers look like this, they all have a certain degree of water resistance.””It’s not afraid of drizzle”So it ’s okay to carry a light rain like I 』m outside”The kind of pouring rain may be more safe when a typhoon comes.

“Then this unboxing part is almost hereNext, I will use thisI estimate I will have at least two opportunities next weekYou need to carry this all-around combat bag and go out all dayEven a short tripI will share it with you after I run outHow well do i useSo the unpacking part is here, we knowAlright guys, today is aCan be considered very harmoniousJust a good dayCan share this one with youI have taken this bag out two or three times so farFirst of all you can see that it is very largeThen I take it out this timeI think I put a lot of things on purposeBecause when I used to travel,I will bring another suitcaseBut this time I deliberately packed everything in this oneTake out onceOther than this lensThere is of course a microphone insideTripodA shot over hereMiddle layerIs my cameraThe camera is now installed here (for shooting)Change clothesthis isCamera battery chargerChange clothesThis is replacedLaptop chargerI will definitely bring it every time I go outLaptopmousebookI have the habit of reading books recentlyMy chores bagVideo camera for live broadcastHard driveA microphoneCarrying headphonesI have the habit of applying thisIt’s liquid-resistantwalletBig power bankCharging CableThis is what I did this timeAllPut in my backpackI personally think that there can be a lot of stuff insidejust.I really do n』t have anything extra this timeOtherwise, you can put more stuff in itBecause there are still some beside itSide pocketThere is also a small zipper space that is not available at the backLike if I go abroadI will put my passport in this bagIf you look at my lens cap, I forget it.Then I 』ll tell you specificallyOne thing I noticed when I usedIts strap over hereDid n』t I talk about it when I opened it?It has this two-stageThen it can disperse stressI find it very effectiveWhen you walk outside carrying such heavy thingsYou don’t feel any special discomfortThis is trueSo when this backpack is under loadI feel very comfortable to carry itAnd it has a great placeI think it’s a more secure timeIs n』t that a lot of times you do n』t want to find a backpackBecause there is no spaceThis one is designed at the bottom, like thisPut your backpack directly, it’s basically standingYou’re not afraid that the floor is too dirtyIs .

this bag is really greatAfter I really took it out, I felt very, very satisfiedLet me tell you a good newsI want to pump this backpack todayIs that they are very generousIn addition to providing one for me to tryThey give me one moreTo draw for everyoneThe way of drawingVery simpleI will now have a hashtag on the screenIt should be the model of this backpack brandYou just enter hashtagAfter entering the model number of this brandThen tell meWhy do you want this bagWhere do you like himSo you want this a super battle packWhat about the draw time?I will take another week and draw it out after seven daysAfter the extraction, I will release the community function of YoutubeIt will also leave a message to tell you that you have wonBe sure to go to the fan club private message I saidYou are the one who wonotherwiseIf no one responds to me for more than three days after I leave a messageI will draw anotherI do n』t want to wait for you this time, okay?I ask you to collect prizes every time you draw them out.Alright guys, that’s the end of “Bear’s Palm Open Box”Very, very good combat packageShare with youWhat about this productWhen I first got this, it was not listed yetBut I heard that some places are now on the shelves.

If you want to know where to buy, you can also ask themI will put it in the details, OK?That’s it for today’s videoSee you next time “Bear paws open the box”Everyone

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Real feelings of staying in a hotel during a coronavirus pan…

Las Vegas-During the reopening of the Las Vegas Strip last week, when I entered the room of the New York Hotel Casino in New York, the voicemail indicator flashed.

She said that I noticed that my room and bed linen had been thoroughly cleaned, and pointed out the room cleaning seal. When I swiped the card into the room with a magnetic card, the seal was damaged.

The message concluded: “If you want us to clean the room again during your stay, please contact the room cleaning. If you need any other conveniences, such as clean towels, slippers or robes, room cleaning can also be provided.”

That’s right: daily room cleaning (as the main content of hotel accommodation) can now be completed upon request.

This is one of many changes caused by the coronavirus crisis. Hotels, travel companies like airlines, have tried to keep employees safe and attract returning customers, and travel restrictions have been relaxed to establish a new health and safety agreement.

The American Hotel and Lodging Association issued a “safe stay” guide in May. Each hotel chain is gradually developing its own plan. The MGM Resorts, which operates New York-New York and 12 other Las Vegas hotels, has developed seven A step-by-step security plan, and a sticker on each room door contains a link to the plan.

In order to first-hand understand the feeling of staying in a hotel during a pandemic, I stayed in three different hotels during the three nights of reporting on the reopening of Las Vegas. In addition to New York-New York, I also visited Caesars Palace, which is part of casino gaming giant Caesars Entertainment and The D, an independent hotel on Fremont Avenue in downtown Las Vegas. All itineraries are paid by “USA Today” and the cost of accommodation is anonymous.

Of course, hotel policies across the country will be different, and the precautions found in large resorts in Las Vegas may be different from cheap motels, luxury hotels or conference hotels across the country, some of which are changed by State decisions and local regulations. Even in Las Vegas, there are differences: The Venetian still provides room cleaning services in every room every day.

However, the theme will be similar.

The biggest surprise to me: At least after entering the room in Las Vegas, it does not seem to be much different from the accommodation before the coronavirus infection. There are ice buckets, drinking glasses or cups, the same old mini shampoo bottles, prehistoric phones and alarm clocks.

In addition to the convenience kit, the only difference I found in New York-New York is the black and gold cardboard cover on the remote control, which has long been considered one of the most harmful items in the room.

It said: “To ensure safety, it has been cleaned.”

During the coronavirus pandemic stayed in the hotel’s six different
halls: Before receiving the room key, a temperature check must be performed. At The D Hotel in Las Vegas, I passed the metal detector and temperature scanner at the hotel entrance. I swiped my wrist and the registration number was 98.7°F. I was on my way to the front desk. In New York-New York, EMT scanned my forehead with a non-contact thermometer at the entrance of the check-in line. At Caesars Palace, guests using the front desk are required to pass a thermal scanner, while the temperature of guests checking in at the self-service kiosk is obtained from a non-contact thermometer.

I have never recorded a temperature above 98.7°F. If there is, if I have a chance to calm down, I will take the test again. If I still have a fever, I will perform the COVIThe D-19 test in Caesars and New York-New York and will be evaluated by medical experts at The D, all of which will determine whether I can stay, The hotel representative said.

The hotel is promoting portable check-in and self-service check-in kiosks, but the traditional front desk is still there, and I used them in two of the three restaurants. In New York-New York, there are acrylic dividers, as you can see in the grocery store, that separate me from the front desk attendant.

The hall and the floor leading to the room, easels and video screens are full of social alienation signs.

New York-New York has a sign at the elevator entrance that says that if you travel with hotel guests outside the group, you must wear a mask. It says that if you don’t wear it, wait for a private elevator. However, during my visit, no one implemented the policy. Caesar has signs that each elevator can accommodate up to four people, although no one is counting. At The D, a representative wanted to see my room key, and then dialed the number for me at the elevator bank.

New York-New York and Caesars have good room cleaning certification seals with a sticker on the door indicating that the room is clean. Caesars’ red sticker said, “Clean and seal it to protect you.” My sticker on the 68th floor of the Forum Tower was not attached securely enough, or was torn off by mischief because I found it on the carpet on the front door.
Toiletry kit or free mask and gloves: I was waiting for a small red bag on the table in the New York-New York room. Inside: Two vinca cloth masks, the name of which is embroidered on the lower right corner; 2 ounce container with Locke the D hand sanitizer, a pen that can also be used as a stylus, and can be used on the touch screen; there is also a A silver tool to open the door with a stylus for pressing buttons. The tool looks like a cross between a bottle opener and a key chain.

The D is distributing white masks with logos. Caesar’s employees distribute universal masks at their entrances. In most places where I have stayed, guests do not have to wear them, and when I was there, many people did not wear them. A Caesars security guard estimated that 80% of the people were not wearing them during the opening weekend.

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Daily housekeeping service on request: Like New York-New York, Caesars and The D have also noticed notices regarding changes in housekeeping policies. During the fast boarding at the kiosk in Caesars, this message pops up: “In keeping with the Social Evacuation Guidelines of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, rooms that are staying longer than one night will not be provided with room cleaning services. Trash and towels will be removed. Cleaning is only available on request.”

The key holders in Room D will have a note and can ask the hotel to provide other bed linen and towels for delivery to their room.

New York-Bill Hornbuckle, acting chief executive of MGM Resorts, the parent company of New York, discussed the chain’s store in a conference call with Wall Street analysts in late April The reopening plan hinted at changes in room management.

He said: “If I were a Bellagio guest, I would like to know the rusticity of the room when I entered. During my stay, unless I want and need clean towels, I may not let the room attendant or other service staff Enter my room.”

Bell service: I checked my luggage outside Caesars Palace in case my room was not ready. (It is indeed.) The bellman felt so rusty from the hotel’s 2½ month closure that he forgot to give me my ticket and found me in the lobby. When I called my luggage, the desk told me to stay in the room and explained that the staff knocked on the door and left the guest’s luggage outside for them to retrieve. My luggage was brought in, and the bellman wearing gloves and masks left them in my door because I opened the door and greeted him.

Parking: No one wants to drive into your car during a pandemic and vice versa, so every hotel I have stayed stopped valet parking. (It is still available in some places, including The Venetian.) Self-parking is the only option in Las Vegas and most parts of the country (at least for now), and unlike previous coronaviruses, it is in Las Vegas It’s free.

Room service: Caesars does not provide room service, while The D does not provide room service, but New York-New York resumed room service on the opening weekend. There is a QR code to call up the menu on the phone, but it is very expensive.


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